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Susan Lafferty

I'll miss seeing everyone at the reunion, but a previous commitment
takes precedence...

Here's my story, though, for the past 30 (whew!) years:

I graduated from UCSB and loved it. I spent a lot of time windsurfing, swimming, and running – what else does one do at UCSB? While in school I spent three seasons in Baja doing research on gray whales and have a chapter in a book and several published articles. After graduation was another research trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, to do a baseline
study on the population of killer whales there with some Swedish colleagues. I'll never forget the amazing show of Northern lights we saw
one night. Other trips have followed to various and wonderful places.

I spent a number of years at the Natural History Museum in LA, during which I got my graduate degree in science education from USC. I've been in South Pasadena for the past ten years and am the director of education at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens ( <>). I miss the
ocean a lot, but you really can't beat the South Pas/Pasadena community. After 11 years of commuting up the 110, I am now close enough to ride my bike to work, which is even better than a Prius.

Tom, the love of my life, and I share our household with three cats and probably too many bicycles. We both ride horses and definitely have too many of those. We split our time between South Pas and the desert for
polo (horse, not water), cycling, and watching the sun set over the Santa Rosa mountains from the ranch. I'm still best friends with Shellie
Falke Kenney and Pigmus (Kevin Carr), and Danny Lefler even though we don't get together enough! We've all seen each other through thick and thin. And I'm very happy to be back in touch with Simone LaPay, aka Seewead. Finally, I can't not mention my two blessings: niece Julia and nephew Spencer who, incidentally are following in their dad's (my
brother Chris, two-time world body-surfing champion) and their grandfather's footsteps, as little masters of the waves in San Diego. I
adore them both and work hard to spoil them rotten.

Best to all and please come look me up at the Huntington.


Here are some pictures of Shellie and me being tourists in China last year

and Tom and me in Yosemite this summer.


Simone Lapay

Hey y'all,

Not much has changed for me.  I am still playing water polo . . . but I took up fencing too.  I live in Nor Cal and love it here.  I also took up surfing and my favorite vacation spot is Costa Rica. So, is anyone bringing their surfboards? I am including all recent pictures of myself. 
My status;
 . . .very single and loving it. . .
a 10 year old border collie, named Roxanne (Stinky-butt for short). 
My current top 3 fav movies:  Napoleon Dynamite, Moulin Rouge, Mamma Mia. 
My current top fav songs:  Pocket Full of Sunshine, All Star, Just Dance. 

Let's see what else . . . My dad passed away in 2006 - that was really really hard cuz he was a great guy.  My bro is still living in Naples.  Okay see you all on the boat.  P.S. Cocktail wear?  Do Diesel Jeans count?

Debby Light

I moved back to LB in December 2006 after living in the Seattle area for 22 years. Before that I was in Boston for 2 years doing research for epilepsy monitoring. I have been working in Neurodiagnostics since July 5, 1978 when I started working at St. Mary's hospital for Emil Kakkis's father, Dr. Kakkis. He trained me in EEG and EMG/NCV and other neuro related diagnostic tests. I have been in that field ever since. I am currently at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as the Clinical Supervisor of Neurodiagnostics. I work along side Debbie Cook-Tener from our great class of '78. She is the manager for the GI lab!! There are several great Wilson alumni working there!!

I am divorced with two kids. My son, JP is 20 and a musician/hippy. He should have been a teen in the '70's. He is a very talented musician currently at LBCC in the recording arts program. He finished his first year there with a 3.6 GPA. Great for a kid who hated high school!!!

My daughter, Shawna is 16. What can I say about 16 year old girls!!! She's bright, smart, pretty and very independent!!! My challenge. I know why animals eat their young!!

I have had a blast working with the reunion committee and hope to stay in touch with everyone!!! I live in the Belmont Heights area and would love to hear from my classmates!!

Bob Lindgren

Graduated UCSB
Profession: Accountant
Live in San Clemente
Work in San Diego
One child - Boy 8 yrs
One stepchild - Daughter
Hobbie: Fishing, Boating, Surfing, Traveling

Debbie Lopez Curtis
g'day former classmates!.

not sure you guys remember me much. i was one of the shy ones in high school. hard to believe that its been 30 years! wow, do i feel old.

i have lived in australia for 25 years. came out here in 1983 with my first husband (its not as bad as it sounds!) after becoming disillusioned with southern california. i live in marcus beach, queensland. i have two beautiful children. amelia, 23 who lives in mt isa, queensland. my son, julian, is 17 years old and lives with me fulltime. i am single . . . again . . . and work in retail . . . ho hum . . . not very exciting, i know. i came back to california last year to visit my folks who now live in temecula. i was fortunate enough to catch up with monica rojas, her sister, sylvia and her family. wow, what a weekend! thanks, girls. (still haven't got the pics taken that night at that party, sylvia!) i had lunch with penny boyle (nee bond) who was my best friend in high school. so cool to catch up with my friends.

i hope you all have a wonderful trip down memory lane at the reunion. wish i was there to share it with you all. look forward to seeing some of the photos of the reunion!

my email address is:, drop me a line!

warm regards,

debbie curtis (nee lopez)


Lisa Lopossa Rector
I married an "officer and a gentleman" love that movie!!! My husband Butch is from Texas and is in the US Coast Guard. We were transferred from Long Beach to Chesapeake,VA., Cape May,NJ., Sandy Hook, NJ, and now we live in Connecticut for the last 8 years. I have loved everywhere we have lived. I have a son Daniel 22 who is in the Coast Guard too and going to college. His
1st assignment was in Alaska we visited him last summer, it's gorgeous. Now he is in Cape Cod and in love with a wonderful girl. I also have a daughter
Ashleigh who is in college in Vermont and teaches snowboarding. Our passions now are motorcycle riding and country line dancing. God has blessed me and
my family. May he bless yours too.


Kimberly Luker
Hello fellow Bruins,

Thirty years... it doesn't seem possible! Where has the time gone?

So what's new? Well, 10 years ago I surprised my family and friends with the announcement that I had accepted a promotion with AT&T and would be moving immediately to beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA. My sister, Lauren, had stayed after graduating from Cal Poly and after many years of visiting and falling in love with the area I leapt at the opportunity. I'm fortunate that my job designing voice and data networks for clients between Santa Barbara and Monterey gives me the flexibility to work from home. Many days you'll find me on my balcony in Shell Beach enjoying the expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, the Oceano Dunes Recreation Area and beyond to Point Arguello. Luker

  I share my little paradise with a wonderfully talented man, Scot, a feisty pound pup, Ramesses, and a very talkative parrot named Tazo. Life is good!

While Scot and I won't be able to attend the function at the Queen Mary I hope to see many old friends at Spaghettini's on Friday night.
Lillian Janice MacFalane Wilson (Janice Wilson)
Hello Wilson Alumni!
I am so excited that we will be having our 30th class reunion and meeting soon.  It's so good to see Jan Darrow (we use to be Yell cheer leaders together), I am thrilled that I can even do the splits still! I use to help type the school newspaper using the Linotype in Mr. Rattenbury's Graphics Arts class.  Everyone in the photos looks great or better than they did 30 years ago.  I loved to travel, and when I graduated, I traveled half the United States before I was 21 years old.  I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  I majored in Early Childhood Education.  I married my wonderful husband, Mark, 26 years ago, and we have 4 children and one grandson.  Our older sons are currently attending Brigham Young University, and my younger two children are active figure skaters (who would have ever guessed figure skaters in Texas).  It looked like fun, so I have been figure skating for the past 4 years.  I  love it!  I currently own four businesses, a full-time preschool, Saturday Language Arts  and basic mathematic classes, a drapery business and a baby blanket business.  I am blessed to volunteer leading a children's choir on Sunday. In my spare time, I love to learn foreign languages and am working on 7 (if you can call saying hello, good-bye, and thank you as accomplishing a complete language). I look forward to seeing ya'll.
 Lillian Janice MacFarlane (Janice Wilson :)

Martha Mallon Smith
Hi everyone!
First I'd like to thank our committee members for all
the time and energy you put toward our 30 yr. reunion.

I just signed up for everything and can't wait. I'm sure it will
be the best reunion yet!

I've lived and worked in Corona, CA for the past 15 yrs. with my beautiful family ; Hal my husband, son John and daughter Mary both in high school. Running a seafood
business, raising kids and keeping up with our extended families (Hal has 2 siblings and I have 11sibs) plus their husbands or wives and kids. It's quite a crew. There's always something going on.

I'm really looking forward to remenissing with everyone.

Lot's of love & see you Aug. 15th!!

Sean McCabe

Was it 30 years ago?? It feels like just this morning I was over at "rec" smokin' those funny cigarettes! (Maybe it was) I  have been living in HB for the last 10 years, and have a 12 year old son, Alex, who is a emerging force in the hockey world. He has made Team USA for the Junior Olympics two years in a row! I work for The Irvine Company as the Roofing Mgr for all the Office Properties with 478 buildings to deal with!!  I am still a surf rat, geting in the water almost every day! I also have been shaping surfboards for the last 15+ years, and have a few NSSA junior riders that will be going pro soon! ( I just hope they dont forget about me!!) So if anyone needs a board, dont hesitate to look me up! Shamless plug #1 See ya on Sat.!!!! 

SeanMcCabeDetroit      SeanSurfing

TJ (Thomas) McCormick

Hey WWHS ’78 alumni!! Just an update from Thomas “TJ” McCormick…
 After Wilson, I went into Education at CSULB, on the seven year plan (Substitute taught for 2 years before graduation, liked the money and the hours!). I didn’t go right into teaching, but I took some sales and marketing jobs. I then taught two years of High School math and science in the Imperial Valley, but decided teaching wasn’t my bag.
    Confused yet? Just wait!!
    Along the way, I followed two passions – computer graphic design and church service production (Calvary Chapels for the most part). Creating PowerPoint slides, posters and space ads, as well as projection and sound engineering were hobbies I fell into as I travelled around the west US, and was able to help out in a handful of churches. These hidden talents were just waiting to pop out… I also played in several Christian rock bands in the early and mid 1980s, on keyboards, bass and guitar. If you want a real kick, check out this video I produced in around 1985 or 86. It was shot at my mom’s mobile home park off of Loynes Drive. My black and white Tele, and for one brief moment, I’m in the full band shot, on bass.
      I got to work for a small promotional products shop in Northridge pre-quake, and learned a lot about prepress technologies. At almost every job I have held, I would soon be making posters, signs, space ads and eventually web pages for companies, but The California Line promotional products company was the best graphics job I ever had. Later, having learned Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics programs there would pay off for me.
     I spent 14 additional years in various educational, sales, marketing jobs, and customer service positions. A short list of companies – ABC/NILS Publishing (went to the 1991 Oscars), Auto Club of Southern California, Raytheon/Hughes (Santa Barbara), BIOPAC Systems (my favorite job!), eBay (got fired for sending Meg an email – they called me the Jerry Maguire of eBay tech support), even Starbucks.

Brenda and TJ at Sundance, where TJ got his video production bug…}

Horsing around near Red Rock Canyon, about 20 miles from the Las Vegas strip

     Fast forward to 2005, and I was just languishing from my excusal from eBay. I wanted to work, but didn’t know what else I’d like to do. Then a friend we met in Utah told us about working for the Casinos in their corporate meeting departments. They furnished audio production and video production services through the IATSE union in Las Vegas. So, my wife Brenda and I “bet” on our future, and moved to Las Vegas (Henderson, to be exact).
      We have worked on “the bounce” mostly at Caesars, Bellagio, Venetian, Paris and Wynn for the past two years.
We’ve seen President Clinton, President Bush, Britney Spears, Jon Bon Jovi, Jerry Seinfeld, and the list goes on (I even watched Craig Ferguson freak out a little over a real elephant that walked into the Bellagio). The bounce means we work for short periods (1-10 days) on a “show” and then wait for our next call.
     Now, fast forward to last month.
    I have been offered (and have accepted) an in house job at the Flamingo (and Harrah’s Corporate) as their promotions video producer. I get a small studio at the casino and
produce and manage content for the Harrah’s casinos (i.e., Harrah’s, Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, etc.) video displays. It will be nice to work for the same people in the same place for a while. Since we use Adobe Premier, Photoshop files easily port into the videos, so I get to use a little of everything with this job!
     I also produce corporate videos on my own with a company called Inside-Vegas Productions (

     My wife Brenda and I live in Henderson, no children, just our two dogs Jack (black Chihuahua mix) and Ashley (piebald dachshund). Brenda will be in the central valley visiting her family during the reunion, so it’s just me for the reunion.
     BTW, I want to produce a short video, interviewing some of you about your memories of Wilson. I’d like to meet with as many people as I can prior to Saturday afternoon, so if you want, contact me ( and I will get your video shot. You can also webcam your memories and bring them to me on Friday (I’ll be in the Hole by Kettering) or email me if the files are smaller than 5mb. Any questions, just call at 702.403.3112

“Monkey” poses for pictures whenever I travel. He almost got arrested for that one…

Mary Lou Michaelson

Where have I been for the last 30 years? Well, for one thing I can't believe it's been 30 years. We aren't that old, are we? I was on the 10-year reunion committee and that seems like only a couple of years ago. It is fun looking at the photos of the committee - some faces I recognize (the fellow band geeks!) and some I don't, but it looks like you are having very productive meetings!!

I noticed I was a "lost" classmate, but now you can report me as "found". I'm currently living in the Seattle area, but have also tried living in Portland, Las Vegas, and Irvine. I'm a CPA (I know - big surprise, considering how shy I was in high school). I worked for Deloitte for almost 7 years and left about a year ago to join the Corporate Audit team at Boeing. I have returned back to where I started
- Boeing was my first "real" job out of high school.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion as my formal education seems to never end. I'm currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Washington (go Huskies!!) and classes are scheduled throughout the summer. I'm sure you guys will have a great time with all the activities that are planned.

The picture is of my family at my Mom's 80th birthday.

Take Care,

Mary Lou

Maryann Miller Novak
Dear Fellow Bruins:

Here are 30 years in 300 words or less: I graduated from SDSU with a graduate degree in Geography & Land Use Planning. I've been working as a city planner in both the private and public sectors and currently work as a city planning consultant in Northern California. (I see that a few of us have migrated north into colder climes). While I miss the weather down south, I love the natural beauty and culture of the Bay Area. I'm married to a wonderfully patient man named Greg, and we've been steadily collecting a number of hobbies that keep us pretty busy, including real estate investing, writing, traveling, and thrift store shopping. I still have the occasional dream in which I've completely forgotten my Bruinette
routine and have to go out on the field regardless - something that I'm sure would have caused Mrs. Mason some concern and should probably be explored in some kind of therapy...I'm not sure if I'll make it down for the reunion, but would love to hear from you via email at
Carlyn Morenus
Hi All,

This past year has been the busiest and most eventful of my life. Spring 2007 I was on sabbatical from my job as a piano professor at Illinois State University, and did concert tours in Thailand, Malaysia, Austria (Jan, I had no idea you were still in Vienna! I was there for 3 weeks and would have loved to see you!) and Slovakia. Fantastic time for me. Came back to Illinois, made a CD (Vienna Modern Masters label), and then met a man I'd been matched with on eharmony. We'd been writing for 8 months or so before we met face-to-face, since he was in North Carolina and I, well, wasn't. But we had discovered that our dads were childhood playmates in Atlanta, and our grandparents had been good friends too, so we wanted to meet for the sake of the family
connection if nothing else (after all, 700 miles is an awfully long distance for romance to bud). But after we did meet, we decided that maybe 700 miles wasn't so far after all! Keith Barnett and I married last November, right after he moved to Illinois, and we are amazingly happy together. We


just moved into a new bigger house here in Bloomington with our combined four cats. Anyone want to move to Bloomington? There's avery nice house for sale right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion, and introducing Keith to you all. See you in August!
Nancy Olson

Hey Fellow Bruins

I so wanted to make the reunion but life gets so busy.  We still live in Eugene , Oregon .  We are busy raising our 12 year old daughter who loves soccer.  Yes I am a soccer mom.  If anyone would like to contact me I would love to hear from you.  I miss the ocean and all you. Have fun at the reunion.

JP Pearce

Ok here it is. Education: UCI Spanish BA, USC Masters Public Administration    Career: City of Pasadena in Management for 8 years and now a Firefigher/Paramedic for Pasadena. Lifeguarding part-time for LACO lifeguards.  Married with no kids and 4 rescue dogs and we have lived  in “the Hole” for past 12yrs. Still surfing and will be in Ecuador during reunion.Poly High grad Paul Dunning and myself have established a lifeguard service in an impoverished region of that country. Still surfing (traveling through central and South America yearly). Also, still swimming, biking. I should be at the mixer on Friday.

Tony Porter

Dear Bruins,

Sorry I'm going to miss the reunion, but I have the same excuse as for missing the previous events.  I am currently living in Ireland with my wife and two kids and I can't hop over on the 16th unfortunately.  (I remember I was in Santiago, Chile at the time of the of 20-year reunion.)  Here's my story in a nutshell: headed north to UCLA, finished, headed further north to San Francisco for work -- and got married.  Worked three years in SF before going to Atlanta for two years.  Returned to SF for 13 years.  Had a boy and girl.  Began the international division for my company.  First move: Sydney, Australia.  (Footnote: Australia is great.)  Two years in Australia then moved to Dublin, Ireland where I've been -- with family -- for the past seven years.  I've been responsible for everything outside the US so I've got a thick passport and stupid amounts of frequent flyer points.  We've got a hectic end-of-'08 planned.  We're launching two kids into college: our son at UC Davis and our daughter at UC Dublin (yep, two continents).  We are also planning to return to Marin County around November-December.  On the fun side of things I rotate between sea kayaking, hiking and cycling.  Sydney and San Francisco have been the places for most of my sea kayaking.  I'm looking forward to doing more that soon.  Hiking has included Tour de Mont Blanc, the Routeburn (NZ), Kilimanjaro and hopefully next year, Nepal.  Cycling has been the story of 2008.  I've done the Tour of Flanders and a stage of the Tour de France among other races.  The brutal part of living in Ireland is that you have to train through the cold and wet, any time of the year.  There's a reason 35 million people live in California and 4.5 million people live in Ireland.  Again, sorry to miss the reunion, but drop me an email if you're inclined:  Cheers.

(Picture of Tony and wife, Carolyn, in Belgium this year)

Steve Schild
I went to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and met Christine Meyer.  We got married in 1981 and moved to Rochester, Minnesota in 1985.  I trained in Radiation Oncology there at Mayo Clinic. 

We have 3 sons; Jon, Mike and Mark.  We moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993 and we have lived there since then.

Our favorite trips have been to England and the Netherlands.  We have a pet Dog April (1/2 pitbull & 1/2 whippit) and a parrot named Izzy.

Stacey Redfern Cordell

Greetings class of 78!

The last 30 years have gone by very quickly.  I still live in Long Beach and I am married to Mike Cordell (Wilson class of 71).  We have been married for 10 years and have a his, mine and ours family.  We are working through the fourth generation of Wilson grads for my side of the family.  Meghan (Wilson 2002 and CSULB 2006)  is in the midst of deciding if she wants to go to law school. Kelly (Wilson 2005) is married to Matteo from Milan, Italy and they are looking to settle in either the Caribbean or the Marshall Islands.  Kyle (Wilson 2006) is in the US Coast Guard and stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii on the Jarvis.  He loves it and he gets to surf almost everyday.  By the end of this year he will have traveled to Samoa, Alaska, Russia and Japan.  Chris (Wilson 2012) is a current Bruin and a linebacker on the JV team.  Cade is a third grader at Kettering.  And will probably graduate from Wilson in 2019.    Over the last 6 years we have spent almost as much time at Wilson as I did when I attended.  Meghan made varsity Volleyball in 9th grade, Kelly was in Dance, Kyle in the Drum Corps and Surf Team and now Chris in football.  Needless to say we have been involved with the various booster clubs for all of them. 


We live in "The Hole" or University Park Estates as it is now known - I prefer "The Hole".  After I finished my education I went in to the staffing industry and stayed there for the last 25 years.  When your product has a mind of it's own, no two days are ever alike.  That is why I have stayed so long, it is always a challenge and never boring.

I have stayed in touch with some of my former Bruin friends but there are so many people on the list I would love to see. We will definitely make the Spaghettini's get together and if "the stars line up" the reunion.

Best wishes.
Stacey (Redfern) Cordell and Family

Eric Rohlfing
Hi Bruins,

Nice to hear from the class.

Many memories remain fresh as the smell of cut lawn of Blair field in the
late afternoon sun before a Varsity Baseball game. I still occasionally
daydream of those baseball days.

After the good times, good friends and fond memories of the days at Wilson,
below are some highlights spanning the time between.

-UCI & CSULB Mechanical Engineering
-Calico Ghost Town & CSULB Bluegrass festival Banjo & Band Championship (The
Old Wave String Band, pictured), featuring duet with Dave Cannon on tuba
playing Stars & Stripes Forever to clinch it.
-Many gigs at 49'r tavern, Mother Lode Coffee House, & misc. restaurants,
etc. w/OWSB & Dynamite Gangbusters.
-25th Wedding anniversary this year
-Research & development manufacturing engineering in Pasadena with
Intermedics Intraocular & Pharmacia Ophthalmics.
-More cover & original gigs with Frameworkx (now Freepeoples, Bluestreet & Holus-Bolus throughout LA county
-Jumped the engineering ship to develop proposal for Clay West
tennis/swim/bar & grill in N. San Diego
-Did renovation of an 1880's local historic home in Escondido, CA
-Raised two International Guiding Eye dogs during renovation
-Moved to Arlington, TX to get MArch and mentored under Frank D. Welch
-Later worked with and had some
great, late night after work, rock jam sessions in office.
-Welcomed 3 new Texans into the world (2 girls & 1 boy, now ages 13, 12 &
-Commuted via light rail from Palo Alto to S. San Francisco after returning
to CA in 2000
-Welcomed a new Californian (she's now age 6)
-Had the best jams of all (so far) with
-Now doing solo architecture in Thousand Oaks, CA

Keep in touch,


Jon San Jose

Hi, ya’ll:

I have come full circle from playing football up at Southern Oregon State College in Ashland to right back here by Wilson High School preparing living trusts, probating estates, and defending juvenile delinquents. Mom and my wife work at my law office here in the Park Estates Center in Lon Beach. Way too close to home.

I started in Ashland, Oregon, but a new head coach pointed out that I was way too small, slow and weak to actually play college football. Such wise advice brought me back to LBCC and bartending at the Mardi Gras (Red Onion Restaurants), where I met my wife, Cynthia Wright. We have been married since 1984. We returned to Ashland to finish school and attend the MBA program then I graduated from the UCLA School of Law, in 1990. I really enjoyed the Pacific Northwest and Westwood.

My kids attended Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School just like I did. My daughter, Alex, is starting her junior year at the Orange County High School of the Arts, for Musical Theater. Alexandria plans to attend a top college and potentially a career in medical research.

My son, Andrew, just completed his first year in Los Alamitos Water Polo Club. Lot’s of work but, hopefully, next year, Andrew can join the long tradition of greatness at Wilson High with swimming and water polo (or Poly Pace?). Life is good back here in Long Beach, just need to get back out on the water sailing. The Reunion and time playing with the committee has been incredible. It was great sharing memories with those that could attend. We truly have a very special class!!!


Steve Schild

I went to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and met Christine Meyer. We got married in 1981 and moved to Rochester, Minnesota in 1985. I trained in Radiation Oncology there at Mayo Clinic.

We have 3 sons; Jon, Mike and Mark. We moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993 and we have lived there since then.

Our favorite trips have been to England and the Netherlands. We have a pet Dog April (1/2 pitbull & 1/2 whippit) and a parrot named Izzy.

If you want to see pictures that I have taken over the past several years of family, friends and places, please go to

Kelly Sherlock Mowery
Hi to everyone from the past. I'm looking forward to seeing alot of you, for sure at the dinner and maybe at the reunion. I'm still working on my schedule. My husband of 21 years and I both work for the friendly skies of United Airlines as Flight Attendant or as Stewardess for those of you that have not flown in a while. We met during a flight 23years ago and it was love at first flight. The job has changed quite a bit in the last 23 years. No more glamour, no more meals, really old Flight Attendants and charges for everything, next will be charging for pilot and lav use. But I have to admit I still love the job. When they are paying you to go to Sydney Australia and layover for 4 days, I have visited Dusty Buck or just go surfing with the girls, it is hard to quit and go get a real job. 

My oldest, Alex is 20 and starting his third year at Cal State San Marcos. He played roller hockey for all 4 years of high school and is now on a men's soccer league( It has improved his Spanish, well maybe the bad words).

My daughter Candace is 17 will be a senior in high school. All she does is play soccer, soccer and more soccer. She plays on a club team and does very well. She has a few coaches eye balling her for a scholarship. Let's all pray! We have taken quite a few pay cut at United. She is hoping to go to East Carolina in North Carolina.

And little Scott is 9 and will be starting 4th grade, he has found his niche in baseball, after soccer and hockey I think it is like watching the grass grow. But he does great and I love to watch him.

Can't wait to see you all, Kelly (Sherlock) Mowery

Picture is clamming in Mexico, I'm in the white hat.

Jon Slone

Greetings to all, I wish I could make a visit from Colorado to Long Beach and see some faces.  I go back to second grade with some of you!

After graduating CSULB in 1983 I blazed out of CA to Carson City Nevada for a year and then to Seattle, WA for 9 years.  In WA I left Corporate America, became a white water rafting guide and pro ski patroller in winter. Most of my spare time spent mountaineering in the North Cascades.  While based in WA I worked out of LA a few summers as an adventure camping tour leader travelling all around North America. After guiding for about 8 years I shifted my focus to hiking for dollars and became a US Forest Service Wilderness Ranger in central Idaho.  There I took up with a woman and moved to Ouray, CO. Hung out in the beautiful San Juan Mtns., worked a few jobs in Telluride, and moved to Boise, ID in 1998 where I rejoined corporate America. Moved back to western CO in 2000 and I am here to stay.  Downsized to an inflatable kayak and a different gal.  I make my living for the past 10 years in outside sales.  Currently I am in industrial sales and longing to spend more time in the mtns.  I've been a travelin' man all these years and that's why I keep missing these reunions. My best wishes.

Charlie Smith
Hello WWHS Class of 1978!  After practicing law for 16 years, I began teaching business law at Cal State Fullerton in 2001.  I remarried in 2004 to a wonderful gal, Barbi, who teaches at Carden Academy of Huntington Beach.  We had a daughter, Emma, in 2005 who can be best described as cute, a brat, or a cute brat.  As I write this in mid-March, my wife is currently at 35 weeks with another daughter (or so I’m told).  Taylor, my son from my past marriage, is a 16-year-old sophomore at Magnolia High School in Anaheim .  He runs cross country and track like I did but let’s just say he spends a little more time enjoying his races than I did.  Last month, we moved exactly one mile to a nice home just south of Heartwell Park .  Our family attends Bethany Church on Clark Avenue .  My interests are family and church activities, sports (especially running and basketball), and music.

Kirk Smith
Hello and aloha to all of my fellow Wilson classmates from 1978

I doubt if many of you will remember me because I kind of blended in with the scenery back in my high school days. I was not on any of the sports' teams, I didn't run for student body council, and I was just a pretty quiet guy with not much personality. Oh well.  Plus, there were many fine young adults already making a name for themsleves at our school and in the community, so that probably helped me to completely disappear into our huge graduating class of over 700 students. No big deal though because my life is great now !

Thirty years ago to me really seems like a whole lifetime away. I am such a different person now from what I was then, that I feel like I have transformed into an entirely different human being. My personality has changed tremendously so that now I am a confident and out-going dude with probably too much of a gift for conversation. I will always be a laid-back Californian, but I am far more assertive than I was thirty years ago. After Wilson, I went to good ol' Long Beach City College for an Associate Degree in Science, and two Radiologic Technologist licenses. I did x-rays first in Bellflower, then the same at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. After that I learned CT Scanning and MRI in the nine years that I was at St. Joseph's, and CHOC hospitals in the city of Orange. During my early twenties I was also lucky enough to study the martial art of Kenpo Karate for three years. I even fought in an International tournament at the Long Beach arena in August of 2002. I stopped just short of getting my black belt, but the whole experience was still life-changing.

The 1980's were fantastic in SoCal for me, but the as the decade of 1990-2000 rolled on with all of it's changes, and it's millions of people moving to LA and Orange County, well, I realized that didn't like SoCal anymore. I had to get out somehow. My opportunity to escape came when I found out that a small, but prestigious, 35-bed hospital in Waimea, Hawaii was desperate for a full-time MRI tech. There are at least 3 Waimea's in the state of Hawaii, and mine is on the big rural island of Hawaii. That's the island with the active volcano for those of you who are not so familiar with our 50th state. The Big Island of Hawaii is wide open, uncrowded, and filled with warm, friendly natives. The crystal turquoise ocean of Hawaii has also made me feel like I am 25 again. What a place to call home!      I did notice in our Wilson profiles that Clay Anderson has lived in Hawaii far longer than I have. "Bruddah Clay, howzit brah?" Hawaii no ka oi ! I do remember Clay as one of the Jefferson Junior High boys back in 1976 when I first met him.

 Moving here was great, but the best thing that happened to me in Hawaii was that I met a beautiful and sweet girl from Tokyo named Motoko, and we got married shortly after meeting (love at first sight eh). We now have the cutest little 22 month old boy that I have ever seen. I might be partial here, but Koji melts hearts everywhere we go, so I am not the only one that thinks he is adorable. I have also had the extreme pleasure of spending my two-week vacations in Japan every year for the last four years. Japan rocks !!

  KirkSmith    Kirk Smith

  Remember how I said that I have the gift of conversation? Well, as you can see, I have the gift of email messages too, so before this profile starts to compete with Tolstoy's War and Peace, I will say "sayonara".

  In closing I would like to give a big thanks to the reunion committee, since their hard work makes it possible for all of us 1978 classmates to keep in touch.

  Love to all of you,
Raymond "Kirk" Smith

Ray Spitzer

Managed my surfboard shop in Long Beach Ca. " Rainbow Bridge Surfboards" 1979-1983. Created and performed in my band "Rainbow Bridge a Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" 1982-2001. Performed with bands "The Band Of Gypsys" Jimi Hendrix and "Double Trouble" Stevie Ray Vaughn. 2001 tour.  LBCC Grad 1983.Commercial Recording Engineer major. Been married 17 years Michele, have two kids, boys 8 and 17 years Cameron and Dylan. Still surfing Seal Beach to San Diego daily. Friends with David Nuuhiwa, Billy Cox, Buddy Miles and Janie and Bob Hendrix. Known at several surf breaks around So. Cal. Performed with many musicians around the world. Brother of Herb,Lloyd and Bob Spitzer. All still surf and mfg. surfboards. Last but not least. If I don't see you in this world no more I;ll meet ya in the next one........And don't be late

Ray surfing at Tresles

Mike Vogel

Mike and Jenny Hicks tie the knot!

Richard Wade
Hello Fellow Bruins,

Difficult to believe that it has been thirty years since our graduation at Blair Field.
The last couple of years have been great catching up with various folks at the reunion committee meetings and some of the Wilson events I’ve been fortunate to attend. I am looking forward to our 78 Class Reunion and seeing everyone there!

Here’s the Dick Wade update for the last ten years.

Living in Orange County California while working in Canada and spending a fair amount of time in Australia each year. My work still revolves around professional sports which I still find to be both challenging and engaging. I started coaching football about ten years ago and progressed from prep football to arena to college and ultimately the professional level. The last five years I have been involved with the Canadian Football League in coaching roles with the Calgary Stampeders and Ottawa Renegades as well as front office roles in pro player personnel with the British Columbia Lions and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  The highlight of which was winning a professional championship with the 2006 BC Lions in the 94th Grey Cup Championship.

It had always been a dream and a goal to get to the NFL, since 2005 I have been responsible for scouting such NFL clubs as the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers. It’s a fantastic job with all the travel and full on football 24/7 and networking with so many great individuals along the way.

In the off season my wife Megan and I spend as much time as we can in New South Wales Australia, which is the family starting point, still enjoying golf, hiking, travel and living life to the fullest.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in August !  

Zenna Webb Morris
Wow! Where has the time gone? Thirty years, unbelievable! It seem like only yesterday that I sat in the Quad people watching; admiring the beauty of God's great creation; the individual uniqueness of each of us, wondering and dreaming of the future and where we would be in 10 years.

Well, 4 years at CSULB and a couple of years in the LB Unified School District showed me that teaching grade school was not me. I had the opportunity to get in to sales marketing, and healthcare marketing in the early 80's. I even worked with Lew Gordon one summer. In 1980, I met Malcolm, my husband of twenty-five years. We have two adult children and two grandchildren. Professional, I own and operate a lingerie boutique in Covina, CA. We specialize in offering services to women that has had breast cancer, as well as we fit bras for women in any stage in life; bridal, nursing, sports name the need for a bra and we are the experts in the field.

Both my husband and I are active in church ministry. I teach adult Sunday morning Bible study. Work with the young girls on Tuesday in Mission Ministry and I'm the Mission Director for all the women ministries in the church. Busy, but I love serving the Lord. He is my total source in life. It brings great joy to my heart to serve and help others. My husband works in youth ministries.

Socially, I love to travel as many of our classmates. Egypt, Spain, Italy, South Africa and so many more.
I love to cook! If I must say so myself the food is absolutely delicious.
Oh and friends, I enjoy my girlfriend to the fullest.

I could continue on and on and on but, I must save some energy for the reunion. I look forward to seeing each of you again to spend some time reminiscing on the days of old.

Marcia Carol Winchester
Hello fellow classmates!
So many changes for us all over the years.
I live in Oceanside, Ca(N. San Diego). I am now divorced with four awesome kids.
Michael, 24, at the Art Institute of Orange County.
Monique 22, Jr. at Cal. State San Diego, married(husband in thenavy),
Mariya, 17, jr in High School living at home, Marcus 15, sophomore h.s. at home. Track and Field.
We adore the beach, pier and harbor and the great climate. I am in the process of buying a condo for the three of us. We have our cats and siberian husky family dog. We travel to Santa Barbara to visit family and go to the beautiful L.B. Aquarium.

I left L.B. after attending CSULB in 79 to move to Santa Barbara , go to college and get married in 81.
I completed my Bach. Degree in Bus. Management and work as a facilitator for the Parent Institute of Quality Education out of San Diego. I also volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center
and teach parent classes for new mom's and dad's.

Recently I have started a single mom's group at our church too at New Venture Christian Fellowship.
I am very looking forward to attending the reunion and seeing everyone. I attended the 10th but was out of state during the 20th.

It will be great to see those of us able to attend. Let's rock the night away and create many new memories. I would also be very interested in being part of annual mini get togethers for those of us that are "local" and help plan for the next 40 year event as well.

Scott Zucker
Hey guys! Thanks for taking the considerable effort it must take to put on a 30th reunion. The following is an update on my life and a picture of my

Hello fellow Bruins! The last ten years since seeing you all at reunion has been the most amazing of my life. I can’t say that I traveled a whole lot, or made lots of money, or won an Oscar (however that would have been
cool) but I did find the love of my life and ultimately the family that always seemed an impossibility. David and I just celebrated our 12th anniversary and have three young boys, all the happy result of employing two surrogates mothers who carried our babies for nine months. Aiden will turn 6 this August and his twin brothers, Bram and Cade just had their 3rd birthday in April. It’s been a truly wonderful time in life for David and I, however we wish we had met in our twenties. Those of you with kids know that parenting can be an exhausting task, and trust me, it’s not made any easier by doing it in our forties.

We are living in Orange County , Ladera Ranch to be exact, and I’m still working to build my Landscape Architectural firm. Some of my residential projects have been published in Architectural Digest and Luxe Magazine and perhaps you saw me on HGTV’s Landscaper’s Challenge a couple of years ago.
I even won! Sadly, my life in the theatre was never to be, but I still dream about doing regional or community theatre once I retire.. I wonder how hard it’ll be to get back into it after fifty or so years off the stage?

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the 30th reunion. Keep the Bee Gees music on hand, I’m ready to take a spin on the dance floor. I’ll even share my Ibuprofen with you all!

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